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Living an ageless life.

July 1, 2018


Living an ageless life.

I am 42. I never realized I was 42 as it seems like high school was just yesterday. Time does go by really fast! I’ve only realized this when some kids started calling me Auntie or Tita and adding “po” in their sentences (a form of respect in Philippine culture) which personally, and if you meet me, DON’T! Just call me Jen. J

I’ve always been complimented for looking young for my age and I have always wondered. Is it my skin, the way I talk or the way I dress? Why is it that our parents look way older than when they were our age? Do we look younger because of technology, of what we eat and what is available now?

Women whine and complain all the time — how fat they are, how they are so tired, how they have aged, how they don’t have the time. The truth is, there are so many things we can do to improve how we look and feel. Is aging then based on how we physically look or how we feel?

Age, as cliché as it sounds, is just a number. I’ve never really stressed about my number. Sometimes, I actually do forget my age (and maybe that’s a sign of old age. LOL!). I do, however, take care of myself. I slather on those anti-aging night creams, workout at the gym and keep myself healthy. I try to be a cool mom and keep myself updated with what’s going on with pop culture so I can relate to my kids. I love experimenting with fashion and I don’t let myself be dictated by rules.

One time on a trip with my friends, we were climbing a very long staircase carved out of rock at the side of a cliff in King’s Landing in Croatia. My best friends keep on saying, “We’re glad to be doing this while our knees can still do it.”  I was murmuring to myself…YOLO (you only live once). Are we really limited in what we can do when we age? Is age a hindrance to what we can achieve in life?

This blog is a work in progress. These are questions I will try to find answers to. In the meantime,  my quest to live an ageless life begins..