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Choosing your friends wisely

July 23, 2018

Choosing your friends wisely

I meet 3 kinds of people.

  1. Acquaintances –Are people you meet along the way. I have a lot of these online. You don’t really need a lot of connection or a common bond. You can talk about mundane topics like the weather and introductions… mostly surface level exchanges on who they are and who you are. They are people you encountered at work, friends of friends, people you joke around with but don’t know much about. This level of friendship has the most potential as over time you can find a mutual connection to elevate your friendship.
  1. Frenemies – Are people who wants to get to know you but secretly does not like you. These are people who enter your life out of curiosity and THINK they know you enough to judge you. You can have a good time with these people and they can make you laugh but the truth is, they talk a lot of bullshit behind your back. I consider these people very toxic and I usually do not waste my time with them. How to know if someone is your frenemy? If they like talking negatively about other people, most likely they do the same thing to you.
  1. Besties – these people are people you can trust. They have seen you at your worst and at your best and they truly care about you. You don’t have to talk to them everyday but when you do, you feel a connection and you are truly interested with what is going on in their lives as they do to you. They can also challenge your views and you may not get along at times! But these people truly care to point out your mistakes to correct you.They could be your childhood friends, your high school and college buddies, or acquaintances which were elevated to besties because of mutual respect. These are friendships that have endured. The key word to describe the bestie is sincerity.



They say  quality is better than quantity. I do have a few besties in my life, a lot of potential acquaintances and zero tolerance for frenemies.

What about you?