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Juice Detox with Juju cleanse

August 15, 2019

The past few days have been hard. Since coming back home from our 3-week vacation from Spain, I still have jetlag and my bathroom habit has become irregular. I’ve eaten a lot of protein and processed foods during my trip which could be the cause of why I do not feel 100% right now.

I’ve read somewhere that the food that I have been eating contain acidic substances so my body chemistry seems to be unbalanced. It’s making me sluggish and my skin is not at its best. To make matters worse, it’s making me skip the gym in the mornings. I need to find my balance again.

So, this week I decided I will detox to restart my daily routine back to normal. Since fruits and veggies are alkaline-rich foods, it helps in creating healthy cells production, cells repair and boosts immunity to finally balance out the acids in my gut!

Juju Cleanse Experience

I’ve tried Juju Cleanse when they first came out. Back then, their juices helped me when I was diagnosed with diverticulis as I had to change to a liquid diet whenever I have an attack.

Just the thought of cleansing can be stressful when you think about not having anything solid for a day or for a few days. Honestly, whenever I see a billboard of food while I am cleansing, my mouth waters. So I decided I will only do Level 1|SOFT detox which is great for newbies and my lifestyle.

The Juju Cleanse one day supply includes:

4 bottles Green bomb

2 bottles Spicy limonada

2 bottles Red giant

2 bottles Alkazest

2 bottles Ginger lemon

Here are a few information on the juices:

juju cleanse drinks

Green bomb – this alkaline juice is a combination of romaine, celery, cucumber, moringa, pineapple, spinach and highly rich in chlorophyll.

Spicy limonada – this immunity boosting drink contains lemon, honey and cayenne to help speed up metabolism

Red Giant – this juice of red beets, carrots, lemon, ginger and pineapple aids in cleansing and elimination

Alkazest – the combination of grapefruit, pineapple, coconut water and himalayan salt boosts energy, balances pH, and replenishes electrolytes.

Ginger lemon – stimulate your digestive system, improve circulation and lower inflammation with this juice made with ginger, lemon and honey.

So I started my day drinking Green bomb. Whenever I feel hungry, I would drink one of the different juices. I like drinking them cold so I put them inside the refrigerator in the office. I also drink lots of water throughout the day. By 1pm, I already have a slight headache and miss chewing solid food. I could also hear my tummy churning, not because I’m hungry but maybe its my digestive system sweeping out the toxins that shouldn’t be there.

I’m not new to cleansing. I’ve done this before and I know these are only side effects of the detox. What I like about JUJU cleanse is that every bottle is packed with fruits and veggies that contain a lot of antioxidants so I’m not depleting my body of the nutrition it needs. In fact, I know I’m putting in more than my usual daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. It also helps that I know I have more bottles to drink throughout the day and I am only doing it for a day.

Night time came and I found myself craving for siomai but then I think — it’s not worth it! It’s all in the mind! I’m not exactly hungry, but just have the cravings for something salty. I reached out to drink my last few juices and sleep off the cravings.

I woke up the next day and go about my daily routine. I woke up earlier than usual but felt lighter and cleaner. In fact, I felt I can do the cleanse again that day. But instead I decided to slowly go back to my regular diet of antioxidant-rich food while avoiding processed food.

I think it’s important that we detox on a regular basis to remove toxin build-up, improve our digestive system and the absorption of nutrients from the food we eat. But of course, if you’re new to cleansing, it is best that you do a one-day detox first just to be sure you can last throughout the day. Do your detox on days that will not require you to be 100% on that day because like what I’ve said, you can get a headache or have cravings. Remember too that you’re not doing this to lose weight. You’re doing this to be clean inside and out!

For more information about the different juices, check out their website at or instagram @jujucleanse .